From Zero to CREAZEE

From Zero to CREAZEE.

CREAZEE Daily Writing Challenge April 2021, a Retrospective.

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Write About your Fears, to Be Stronger

Everything is going to be fine.

Writing contributes to making you more self-aware and better equipped to make sense of your experiences. It can be a great tool to research the causes of your feelings.

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Dream Big, Build It Small, but Daily

Even the longest of the journeys begins with the first step.

Start now by doing a little thing, and keep on doing it, every day. You’ll reach the stars without even realizing it.

Plan Your Creativity

Think about the future, today.

Planning is an activity bringing the future to the present. You cannot plan to be creative but to foster the conditions for you to be creative.

Write to Live Better

Write your life.

Write to remember, to evolve, to focus, to explain, to think better, to learn, to change, to keep track. Writing makes you a better human being.

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