Even the longest of the journeys begins with the first step.

Dream Big, Build It Small, but Daily

Pursuing long-term goals is something we can do only by setting coherent short-term goals.

We can grow an ambition to achieve a big goal in our life. If we look at that North Star shining in the foggy sky of our dream, we risk keeping it where it is, a dream. That future context, when we will be successful at what we want to achieve, needs to be discounted to the present. And capitalized. It’s only by investing a small sum, a little effort, every day, in a consistent way, that we can see that North Star approaching our reality.

Walking 1’000 Km in a year

In 2017 I had any possible pain: neck, shoulders, back, legs, feet. If we went for a short walk, I would cry. Tears would slide down my cheeks, and I would not be for the joy of meeting you.

By crying, I started to put my body together. I would walk every day. Why? Because I couldn’t go on like that.

Long story short. Every year I’ve waked 1’000 km. My life changed. I have no pains. I sleep better. I feel better.

Writing 500’000 words in a year

Starting to walk when that action procures tears to you means you need long walks to get accustomed to it. Those were the moments when I began to listen to audiobooks and podcasts and record my thoughts. Thanks to audio transcribing tools, I started to collect a lot of journal entries. I got the habit of walking, talking and transcribing, daily. This opened my interminable flow of thoughts, ideas, desires.

When I put together 356 days of writing, I got half a million words on paper. I was amazed. How was it possible to write so much. After all of those years without collecting a word.

Then I started a blog. Then a challenge to write and publish an article per day.

This is my 149th daily article published in a row.

Creating an online community of Creative People

How could I reuse all of those words? I’ve learned so much on my skin about creativity, habit-forming, tools and techniques to ideate, connecting concepts, publishing.

That is why I created CREAZEE. In April 2021, 15 Challengers are making a habit of creating every day. We’re only at Day 13, and we have already produced thousands of words.

And that is not my job. I did all of the previous as a side-hustle while carrying one extended family through a Pandemic.

Do it small but do it every day

We need a system to follow daily, to create small contributions bringing us to more complex successes. We can achieve significant objectives only by creating a habit. That is the system that we need because we can win big only if we win small, every day. 

Start now by doing a little thing, and keep on doing it, every day. You’ll reach the stars without even realizing it.

I am Massimo Curatella, and this is my DAY 13 Article in the CREAZEE Daily Writing Challenge and my 150th daily article in a row.