Writing is thinking.

Write now to think better

You can think better when you write. You’re focused on putting one word after the other. Sometimes the pen is slower than your thought. Some other your fingers are faster than your brain. You are forced to make sense and to express concepts in a meaningful order. Or to capture that idea in a way you will be able to retrieve in the future.

You can save thoughts for later. You would lose the majority of your thoughts if you didn’t write. Not a big deal. Unless you have a lot of exciting ideas and you keep on losing them. Writing put them in a vault, forever. (Remember to do backup).

You can be more focused when you write. Unless you’re typing while taking the metro or crossing a street in Tokyo. Still, you are in your world when you are writing. Can you listen to that voice inside your head spelling the exact words you are reading? When you write, that voice is not mine but yours. It’s you thinking and dumping words on paper or pixels. It’s a unique relationship between your brain and your fingers. Can you think of anything more intimate than that? (Well, OK…)

You can collect your thoughts when you write. There’s no storm taking them away from you. Not even time would. They have been materialized in tiny drops of inks on dead wood or stored in an unending sequence of zeros and ones kept alive only by physics. (Remember to do backup). And then, you can get them out again, revise, compare, elaborate. You can keep on thinking about it.

Writing is augmenting and expanding thinking through time.

Do you want to think better?


Write now.