Constraints make ideas shine.

Creative Constraints Are Meant to Be Used Wisely

Constraints can help you focus on your creative work. But don’t use them as an end when their purpose is to be a means.

When you’re building a creative habit, you might face weak days. Setting arbitrary constraints can help you in finding the right motivation to create. It could be a time limit or a production length limit like “write for at least 30 minutes” or “write exactly 200 words”.

Remember that you are writing to develop your daily habit and set in words something meaningful. Sometimes you might think that just satisfying the creative constraints could be enough to mark your task done. And that is a mistake because you would miss the critical target that is making an effort to create something new and valuable.

Observe your behavior and objectively judge the outcome of your creative session: did you have the urge to complete the task just for the sake of calling it complete? That could be the sign you have lost your direction.

Don’t confuse the means with the end. Go beyond respecting your creative limitation and aim at communicating something worthwhile for your readers.

I am Massimo Curatella, and this is my DAY 7 Article in the CREAZEE Daily Writing Challenge and my 142nd daily article in a row.