Creativity, Innovation, and Embracing Technological Waves with Alessio Ricco (CREAZEE Sprint 7)

CREAZEE Sprint 7, Creativity, Innovation, and Embracing Technological Waves with Alessio Ricco

Creativity, Innovation, and Embracing Technological Waves with Alessio Ricco (CREAZEE Sprint 7)
CREAZEE Sprint 7, Creativity, Innovation, and Embracing Technological Waves with Alessio Ricco

In this captivating episode, join us for an insightful conversation with Alessio Ricco, a seasoned technology enthusiast and innovator. Host Massimo Curatella delves into Alessio’s journey through the ever-evolving landscape of technology, tracing his path from the days of the Commodore VIC 20 to the forefront of AI and virtual reality. Discover the mindset and attitude that have enabled Alessio to not only keep pace with technology but embrace it with a childlike curiosity, always eager to explore new horizons. As they discuss the essence of neoteny in adult learning, Alessio reveals his latest project, “,” an AI platform that accelerates content creation and curation for journalists and content creators. Join us as we explore the past, present, and exciting future of technology, creativity, and innovation.

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00:00:00 – Introduction to the conversation with Massimo Curatella and Alessio Ricco
00:00:36 – Alessio’s introduction and background
00:00:49 – Alessio discusses his background and experience
00:01:48 – Massimo talks about their past experiences and diverse interests
00:02:57 – Alessio’s interest in technology and creativity, influenced by family background
00:04:18 – Alessio’s involvement in writing a video game (“Ark of time”) with his brother
00:06:16 – Alessio’s experience dealing with user interfaces in multimedia titles
00:07:56 – Memories of tight deadlines and CD ROM production challenges
00:08:41 – Creating compelling and optimized UX for video games
00:10:08 – Discussion about the barrier between design and development
00:11:09 – Challenges in bridging the gap between designers and developers
00:14:03 – Alessio’s secret efforts to optimize multimedia content for CD ROMs
00:14:17 – Changes in UX and technology over 20-25 years
00:14:34 – Evolution of UX, gradual and not disruptive
00:15:29 – UX’s historical connection to ergonomics and human factors
00:16:00 – Experience studying user interfaces and Gestalt
00:16:48 – Pragmatic approach to design and usability
00:17:49 – Empirical understanding of user interaction and feedback
00:19:23 – Balancing design and technical feasibility
00:21:04 – Importance of cross-functional collaboration in meetings
00:22:12 – Need for a tech lead to bridge design and development
00:23:56 – Creativity in software design and problem-solving
00:25:08 – Defining creativity and its role in software development
00:26:24 – Creativity in data structure and code writing
00:27:40 – Writing code as a creative and artistic process
00:28:47 – Translating creative approach to coding into other aspects of life
00:31:14 – Balancing creativity and technology, quitting coffee and smoking
00:31:35 – Theater improv’s influence on management and team dynamics
00:34:06 – Applying improv principles in a remote and diverse team
00:35:43 – Codesign Jam and use of “My Sharona” song
00:36:54 – Importance of the Co-Design Jam Roma event
00:38:07 – Innovations in facilitation techniques and their impact
00:38:53 – Innovation adoption: past and current trends
00:39:25 – Foreseeing a new technological revolution
00:40:58 – The ongoing waves of AI and VR/AR development
00:42:05 – Concerns about the future job landscape and technology’s impact
00:42:58 – Navigating technology revolutions with a childlike enthusiasm
00:45:27 – Embracing new technologies with curiosity and exploration
00:46:37 – Alessio’s project “” and its features
00:51:45 – Alessio’s future plans and desire for a slower pace
00:54:16 – Exploring future collaboration topics
00:55:46 – Unexplored parts of Alessio’s career and future discussions

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