Futures Thinking, Healthcare, and Social Impact with Giorgia Zunino (CREAZEE Sprint 5)

CREAZEE Sprint 5, Futures Thinking, Healthcare, and Social Impact with Giorgia Zunino

CREAZEE Sprint 5, Futures Thinking, Healthcare, and Social Impact with Giorgia Zunino

Giorgia Zunino (Strategic Futurist) talks about Futures Thinking, self-awareness, and types of futurists. Moderated by Massimo Curatella (CREAZEE).

Watch CREAZEE Sprint 5 on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsBzPgGayBo


  • Futurology and Strategic Foresight in the Healthcare System.
  • Social innovation: transforming dismissed Mental Hospital into Open Labs to improve health and wellness.
  • Gamification in health insurance. Getting financial support to stay healthy.
  • The difficulty in funding social innovation projects: the buy-in and the funding.
  • “What’s your vision for our future?” The Short-Termism problem with politics.
  • How Futures Thinking can mitigate short-term thinking?
  • Top-Down (discuss and decide) vs Bottom-Up (co-creation).



0:00:03 Introduction and Greetings
00:00:54 Giorgia Zunino’s Background and Career in Architecture and Futurology
00:05:59 Discussion About the Concept of Multiple Futures
00:07:26 Metaphors Explaining the Concept of Futures
00:09:09 How Futurists Understand and Anticipate the Future
00:10:15 Discussion About Present vs. Future Thinking and Weak Signals
00:12:17 Understanding and Utilizing Technological Accelerators
00:13:25 Importance of Knowing Your Cognitive Biases
00:17:51 The Role of Empathy in a Futurist’s Career
00:19:38 Exploring Desired and Undesired Future Scenarios
00:20:21 the Future River Visual Concept
00:29:10 Discussing Visualization in the Design Process
00:29:17 Developing the Skill of Visualization with Exercises
00:30:53 Introduction to the “Backcasting” Technique
00:32:42 Strategies to Approach Desired Future Scenarios
00:33:32 Role and Work of a Strategic Foresight Manager
00:36:08 The Futurology of Healthcare in Rome
00:36:51 Co-creation Approach to Community Healthcare Development
00:37:27 Strategy for Choosing Co-creation Participants in Healthcare
00:39:47 Engaging the Public in a Health and Wellness Initiative
00:44:25 Successful Proposals for a Public Wellness Park
00:45:48 Innovative Funding Strategies for Health Projects
00:49:27 Funding Health Projects Through Global Reinsurance Group.
00:50:28 Tangible Benefits from Participating in Gamification
00:51:42 Impact of COVID on Project Progress
00:52:18 Political Participation and Challenges in Project Execution
00:52:53 Short-Term Political Thinking vs. Long-Term Planning
00:53:55 Political and Cultural Barriers in Co-Creation Initiatives
00:54:39 The Role of Futurologists in Changing Political Perceptions
00:56:12 The Importance of Public Participation in Decision Making
00:56:29 Need for Leadership in Collaborative Projects
00:57:12 Transformation of Abandoned Hospital Spaces Through Co-Creation
00:59:10 The Role of Hospital Leaders in Implementing Co-Creation Projects
01:02:36 How to Become a Futures Expert
01:10:25 Discussion on COVID and Future Challenges
01:12:30 Discussion on Preparedness for Rapid Environmental Change
01:14:10 Education and Climate Crisis Awareness
01:16:14 Future Preparedness: Earthquakes and Floods
01:18:38 Conclusion and Thanks

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