I will make you write every day.

I will make you write every day

I have one goal. To make you write. Everyday.

I will use any means, trick, method, tool, approach to making you write every day. Some of them will work, some others will not.

What counts is that you write about both of those events.

I will ask you questions. A lot. Also those questions that are uncomfortable and will make you uneasy. Especially those. You have to face and overcome your fears, your blind spots, your inertia.

I will facilitate the process of creating your process. There are no formulas, no equations, no guaranteed results. It depends on you, on your preparation. And on your willingness to explore that area of your creativity, you have always had an intuition.

It’s not a course or a lecture, not in any of their traditional senses. It’s a facilitated journey in which you have to do the hardest part of the job. In the beginning, it could be discomforting, disorienting, and challenging. Only after having felt the uneasiness of facing your creative self for several days you will start to feel new emotions: curiosity about pushing it further; new ideas coming to your mind; the joy of creation; the satisfaction of seeing, little by little, brick by brick, the building up of your creative work.

When in the end, you will look back at your incredible journey, you will struggle to believe it.

  • Is that what I created?
  • How could I create so many ideas?
  • Why didn’t I start earlier to create?
  • Why should I stop now?

You will feel different, better, renewed, full of energy for doing now that you will want to do it again.

What are you waiting for? You just have to start.

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