Leverage reusability and modularity.

Create Once, Reuse Many but Wisely)

I am using the same prompt I proposed to the CREAZEE Challenge Participants. We’re building a daily writing habit by, of course, writing every day. My serendipitous creativity guided me in picking two ideas from my Idea Repository, merging them, and writing about them. That’s the reason for this article. I should also set a time limit of 25 minutes.

My two ideas:

  1. How to reuse the content you have produced to create a product.
  2. How to create an online course.

I like to win easily. I am doing exactly what the combination of the two ideas would say: I am delivering an only course (we want to call it Challenge) by reusing what I have been writing for the last two years.

Reuse your content to build an online course

I have been writing for 150 days in a row. I’ve collected a lot of frustration and success, good ideas and lousy ones. Each article was born out of a prompt or, the opposite, I’ve transformed each piece I wrote into a prompt. This work of continuous refinement allowed me to accumulate and organize a good amount of prompts along with their example application—a perfect set of inspirations for those who want to be supported in their challenge to write daily.

Reuse your course to build online content

Now that I am living the dream, being in the first week of four in the writing challenge, I am doing the opposite. An enormous amount of feedback, ideas, example applications, and motivation comes from a group of fierce writing challengers. I am getting so much energy from this writing group that I am feeding, again, my writing flow. It’s a new situation for me. Not only the ordinary life (work and family) is heavy on my daily hours, not only I have to find the time to create and write, but I need to arrange all of it with this unstoppable train of creativity that is CREAZEE. It’s pretty hard, more than usual. But it’s also entirely satisfactory, more than expected. I am exhausted but happy.

Free-Flowing writing, journaling, and blogging

What satisfies me is the relative easiness I am experiencing in following my own writing prompt while recording a snapshot of a historical moment in my life, reflecting on my feelings, and doing all of that in only 15 minutes. That is what the timer says.

I need to be humble and accept what I was able to do so far.

This gives me time for a relaxed rereading and revision before calling it complete.

That’s my reading, and it’s complete. I have time to prepare an illustration as well.

Write every day, feel the pain of the struggle, do it for several days. You will be able to face the effort of writing in a satisfactory way when you will be exhausted, tired, with no strong motivation. This is an outstanding achievement for me, and I would love to share it with you.

Come writing with me.